As an ironman triathlete who pushes my body past its limits daily, I need an effective way to prevent and treat injuries. Marjorie is a Godsend for my training for multiple race days. Acupuncture has enhanced my athletic performance, flexibility, and increased my recovery times. I highly recommend Marjorie for all athletes and non-athletes who would like a holistic way of healing their entire body.
Keith Lefkof

Marjorie is a gifted healer. She listens to what is going on with your body and personalizes the treatment plan. The office environment is peaceful, which in itself relaxes you. Marjorie is the best acupuncturist.
Jackie M.

I’m a teen and with that comes a lot of stress and anxiety that will take over my body. I am able to communicate exactly what is going on and where the stress sits on my body and Marjorie is able to relax me and release all of the tension. I love that I can talk to her and she makes me feel so comfortable and she genuinely cares about her clients and makes a huge effort so that when you leave her office you feel relaxed and at peace.
Julia B.

I am sixteen years old. I started going to Marjorie as a way to deal with my stress and anxiety. At the end of each session, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day. Marjorie is simply the best.
Sophia B.

The whole family has been going to Marjorie since 2013 for personalized care. She is our #1 primary care practitioner– for colds, flu, injuries, aches and pains, allergies, and life stresses. She is awesome.
The Shusterman Family

Marjorie immerses herself in her craft. The TLC and expertise she gives her patients truly makes a difference! I have much more flexibility since going to her.
Dr. Anthony Napolitano, Emergence Medicine Physician

Marjorie as helped my COPD immensely.
Ted Greenwald

You can’t help but feel the deep sincere care that Marjorie has for people. She touches your heart. Receiving water release therapy from her is amazing and in Marjorie’s arms, you’ll feel safe and cared for. A must-have experience.
Susan Kimi McFadden

I had the opportunity to share watsu and shiatsu classes with Marjorie and receiving from her was a healing experience for myself. She has a healing quality of touch! I felt I could trust her with her openness and her willingness to listen. Thank you Marjorie!
Ana Nazario

I cannot say enough! The entire experience was amazing. I had recent trauma in my life when seeing Marjorie. From the moment I entered the water, a weight was lifted from me. I left feeling energized, refreshed, and hopeful. I told her then and I still believe, she has a gift.
Colleen Smith

I am four months pregnant and decided to try a water release therapy session with Marjorie. It was so much more than I expected. She was so so gentle but also so strong and has some of the best energy I have ever experienced. I felt as though I was being held and guided by a mother. I left feeling relaxed and centered.
Hannah Ney

Two words. Miracle worker. Marjorie is intuitive, extremely smart, knowledgeable, and cares. Being a triathlete and always active, something is always tweaked and tight. Marjorie’s treatments have helped with pain, maintenance, and overall well-being. This is not your father’s acupuncture that did not work after eight useless sessions. Marjorie has a gift.
Constance Korol, Ironman, triathlete, Yoga teacher

I’ve gotten several treatments form Marjorie and recommend her to friends and family. She combines advanced training with down-to-earth kindness to make you feel like you’re in great hands. Literally. She’s professional, friendly, and totally tuned in throughout her treatments. I’ve always left new and craving more.
Kelly Duddy

As an acupuncturist myself, I consider Marjorie one of the most gifted healers. Her intuitive nature and knowledge of the body help her quickly and effectively promote healing. I travel far to see her to see her and get the peace of mind, body, and spirit that acupuncture brings.
Jill Chiorazzo

I reached out to Marjorie when I was a week past my due date and did not want to be chemically induced. Marjorie was incredibly caring, patient, and attentive to my needs and administered acupuncture for several days to help me transition into labor. I was able to avoid chemical induction and experience so much calm as I prepared for birth. Thank you Marjorie!
Kelly Smith

Training for ultras as I enter multi-day races that reach up to six days, Marjorie is an important part in keeping me going. Many times she has kept me in the race and that’s what ultras are all about. I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the races I do without her.
Michael Korol, ultra runner

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, my body goes through a lot all day long, not to mention my own workouts. I went to Marjorie for an issue with my hip after remembering she had success with that ailment. I’m a huge believer in acupuncture now and I can’t believe it took me so long to try it! In just one day I felt a huge difference. I highly recommend her…. it’s worth a stab!
Anthony Giallanzo, Ultimate Performance & Fitness, Inc.

I suffer from lupus and other autoimmune aches and pains. Marjorie is magic.
Gloria Rubin

I developed an injury that persisted for three years with no relief or resolution until I met Marjorie. At 48, I was in incredible shoulder pain that radiated down my arm and impacted my job, sleep, and workouts. I went to other acupuncturists with no sustainable results. After several months with Marjorie, I am 99% pain free and back to my activities. Marjorie has a level of compassion, understanding, and an intuitive feel for what the patient is experiencing.
David Blatt