Sports Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a highly effective therapy utilized by top competitors of all sports. Myofacial release is the goal because trigger points, which are taut, contracted muscle fibers, are painful and affect range of movement, strength, and circulation. Needles reach these with great precision and relief is felt immediately and over the course of several days as inflammation continues to relax. This is a popular technique that I have perfected over the course of ten years. I am excited to discuss posture, training equipment, flexibility, orthotics, diet, and the latest sports supplements. I stay up-to-date on medical research and scientific advances so that I can discuss doctors’ orders and imaging.

Pain Management

Every physical ailment has an emotional component. Injuries and illnesses are connected to one’s whole being. Many people arrive at my office in pain and this may stem from an old injury, a chronic illness, chronic pain, an acute accident, or degenerative changes. Each person has a unique story that I will listen to and take seriously. Pain is not fun and I go the extra mile to understand its underlying causes and to ease as much as I can during a session. My end game is for my customers to experience more happiness and less pain.

Stress and Mental Health

Let’s be real. The New York Metropolitan area is a stressful place to reside. Commutes are long and most people are running on empty. On top of that, many struggle with mood disorders, PTSD, have histories of abuse and/or trauma. As a seasoned social worker, this is my bag and I prioritize holding space for people to feel safe to be themselves and to speak their truths, without shame. Everyone has limiting core beliefs to let go of and wounds to heal. Many express feeling stuck in their heads or stuck in general. My aim is to allow people to be present with all their feelings and to breathe into them, while the needles do their magic. Children and teens benefit exponentially from this supportive therapy and I want them to leave smiling and knowing that they are stronger than they think. Heart moves qi so my customers get an extra dose of compassion.

Water Release Therapy

I am currently only doing home sessions for individuals in their heated pools. Water release therapy is cathartic because you’ve got to feel it to heal it. Clients are gently floated, stretched, and moved into profound states of relaxation where everyday stresses fall away. Weight is eliminated in water, allowing the body to move in ways impossible on land. Many with chronic pain conditions swear that warm water therapy relieves their discomfort. It is a powerful modality for persons with disabilities, seniors, expectant mothers, and anyone in search for new body awareness and insights. It connects people to mind, body, heart, and spirit in a safe and nurturing environment.