I am a licensed acupuncturist and a water release therapist whose style is continually evolving through my integration of land and water therapies.

My road began as a young social worker in homeless shelters, domestic violence agencies, and a level one trauma emergency room in New York City. My keen heart thrived in those places. Working on the front lines of mental health care made me see that everyone needs healing, including me. So I dove into any type of self-care that called out to me in my 20’s to relieve my own stress, anxieties, and heartbreaks and because I wanted to be healthy and whole as a person. I eagerly studied meditation, Buddhism, practiced yoga and kirtan, and got to know my third eye. I took lessons in the Alexander technique for five years to improve my posture, met with a Jungian therapist and astrologers, recorded my dreams, and went on retreats. I began receiving acupuncture, zero balancing, cranio sacral therapy, watsu, water release therapy, somatic therapies, and massage that further grounded me in my body and brought me greater connection to ME.

Acupuncture was a cool career transition that I made as I became passionate that the body is a vehicle capable of tremendous healing. The body is a world, its own microcosm of events, chemical messages, signs and symptoms. Acupuncture joins the conversation as the sterile stainless steel needles gently pierce the skin, interacting with these signals to interrupt pain loops to the brain, calm the sympathetic nervous system, release endorphins, increase oxygen and blood flow, and clear trigger points in tense muscles. In East Asian medical terms, biochemical reactions are expressed in terms of “qi” or “life force”. In Taoist alchemy, it is the qi that knots, becomes disordered, disappears, leaks, counter flows, and stagnates, creating disease, pain, and disharmony. My favored styles of Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese and Mark Seem Acupuncture Physical Medicine emphasize palpation to form preliminary diagnosis for treatment. The hara or energetic center, is checked for reactions associated with physical, mental, or emotional imbalances. Muscle fibers are examined for active trigger points to eliminate pain. Techniques such as cupping, gua sha, moxabustion, tui na massage, reiki, essential oils, and electro-acupuncture are often added.

I am committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming, confidential, and sacred space for my customers. Being strongly related and present to each client’s healing process, without judgement, is essential to my practice. Whether one visits for chronic fatigue, mood swings, depression, pesky coughs and colds, fertility support, sports injuries, sciatica that keeps returning, or because you give so much and are finally making time to receive, acupuncture can be a blessing. My intentions are for my clients to walk out feeling refreshed, nourished, and awesome.

Boston College, B.A.
Tri- State College of Acupuncture, L.Ac.
Columbia University School of Social Work, L.M.S.W.
Integrative Institute of Nutrition
NCCAOM Diplomate
Watsu Release Therapy certification
Acupuncture fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC
Social worker and volunteer at Rosie’s Place homeless shelter in Boston, Florence Crittenton Services for pregnant moms from foster care and juvenile hall in San Francisco, Sanctuary for Families domestic violence shelter in NYC and St. Luke’s Hospital emergency room in NYC
AIDS Lifecycle CA fundraiser and participant for two years
IInterests: Yoga, Cycling, animal rescue, the Alexander Technique, Meditation, Dzogchen